Handwritten Letter From Santa

Handwritten Letter From Santa

In the year of COVID, it is much harder for children to visit Santa. Give your child a personalized handwritten letter from Santa to let them know the big guy in red has been thinking of them this year!

    • This is a custom handwritten note from Santa! Give your child a personalized letter from the big guy!

    • The letter is handwritten on 110 lb super-smooth matte paper. The weighted paper gives the letter a great feel and will make it a lovely keepsake to cherish for years to come.

    • The letter is 8.5x11” and single-sided.

    • The letter will be prescored before being put into its envelope to ensure nice crisp lines when folded.

    • The letter from Santa comes in an envelope that is addressed to your child from the North Pole! A holiday stamp sticker and North Pole stamp will be added to the front of the envelope for an authentic feel.

    • The envelope will be sealed with a wax seal. See the listing photos for the different wax seal stamps and wax colors we have available!

    • Envelope color choices: Red, Green, and Kraft Paper.

    • The letter from Santa will not be shipped in the addressed envelope to your child. Instead it will be shipped in a discrete mailer addressed to the adult of the household. From there, you may choose to give the letter to your child before the holiday or on Christmas morning!

    • Looking for multiple letters? The more you buy, the more you save! Each single letter is $20, two (2) letters are $35, three (3) letters are $30, and four (4) letters are $40.